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What to expect

A Great Holiday and a Worthwhile Experience

Leisure with Enrichment

Well informed, realistically paced and reasonably priced.

 Our Itineraries

The emphasis is on both the cultural interest and the nature of the experience. This means that our carefully planned itineraries aim at a satisfying balance of enrichment and leisure—’seeing it all’ balanced with time to absorb it all, and to simply relax. They are designed to be comprehensive and focused without being too intensive or rushed. Each day has plenty of interest without being too full or too long, and we like to get off the beaten track a little when we can, often arranging special access to hidden away gems, recent discoveries and live excavations.

Accommodation and Meals

We use hotels of 4-star or good 3-star standard, and we look for local character and charm, good facilities and good location, preferably well integrated into their surroundings. We normally include at least some evening meals and lunches. This can make life easier on a tour but sometimes it is also good to explore local restaurants, so where possible we leave some evenings free for this. Lunches tend to be taken independently but occasionally it is good to organise something special.

What’s Included

Each itinerary is unique but always includes: high standard hotel accommodation with breakfasts; a number of evening meals or lunches; a full programme of excursions with comfortable transport, entrance fees and guides; a knowledgeable tour director; airport and hotel transfers abroad; Travel Trust Association financial guarantee.

Our Guides and Tour Directors

We have a passion for archaeology, history and travel and we want to share it with you. Our guides and tour directors are not only knowledgeable and experienced professionals but also the most friendly and open of people. They are skilled in bringing a subject to life in a way that suits most people’s level of interest, just enough to make everyone feel included and enlightened. Our tour directors have strong academic credentials and contribute greatly to a tour with interesting talks which add context and insight to help bring it all together.

Our Groups

Our group sizes are quite small, usually between 10 and 20 people. This ensures good communication, a more personal service and greater flexibility. No prior knowledge is required and everyone is welcome, whether travelling singly or with a partner. It is all quite informal and everyone simply shares an interest in the destinations and themes. Our groups are sociable without being too large, and people’s diverse backgrounds and different ages all add to the interest—some people travel half way round the world to join a tour!

Physical Considerations

Our tours are not especially challenging but all require a reasonable level of mobility and independence. There is plenty of walking and standing, often over uneven ground with some inclines and steps. The pace is gentle and stops are frequent, often only a few minutes apart but some tours require more walking than others. We try to describe the “Activity Level” of each tour on their respective website pages. Castles and hillforts, for example, often require uphill walks to reach them, perhaps of up to 30 minutes, but generally speaking you should be able to maintain a normal walking pace for at least 15 minutes before standing or sitting for a short time. Steps and inclines are frequent, and larger sites may require a 1–2 hour period on one’s feet, but with frequent stops. With your co-operation, solutions can usually be found for individual situations. We often use smaller coaches without on-board toilets but regular comfort stops are made.

Flight Flexibility & Extended Stays

As part of our more personal service, one of the great advantages we offer is more freedom in your travel arrangements. By adding flights on a personal basis, rather than included group fares in our prices, you can decide when or how you want to travel, which airport to fly from, and the airline, flight times and prices that suit you best. We will be happy to help with flight options, bookings and extended stays or you can book your own if you prefer. All flights booked through us are fully ATOL protected.

Financial Protection

Hidden History Travel is a member of the Travel Trust Association. This association exists in order to protect you, the customer, with 100% financial protection, and has been doing so for over fifteen years. Simply put, it is the strongest consumer financial protection in the travel industry today—complete 100% financial protection for any travel arrangements you make with us. Any payment you make to us is protected by the association in order to pay for your holiday or to reimburse you should we fail to provide it. Click here for further details.

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