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Malta: Research

Recommended Publications:

“Malta: Its Archaeology and History” by John Samut Tagliaferro.
Plurigraf, Miller Guide,  2000 (paperback), 128 pages, ISBN 978-8872807040
This is a very good starting point for a general introduction to Malta’s heritage. It is concise, accurate and well-illustrated, and gives just enough background to each period to provide an initial overview of Malta’s past.
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Malta’s Living Heritage Series
This series of four volumes provides a far more comprehensive coverage of Malta’s past. Each volume is a substantial overview of a particular period, written by an acknowledged expert and attractively produced with colour illustrations. The four volumes are:

“Malta: Prehistory and Temples” by David Trump.
Midsea Books, 2002 (paperback),  319 pages, ISBN 978-9990993943
The first in the series focuses on Malta’s Neolithic and Bronze Ages. It provides the most comprehensive yet readable examination of Malta’s famous prehistoric Temple Period, with plenty of background discussion to complement the clear site descriptions. Dr David Trump is an acknowledged authority on Maltese archaeology, having been a curator at the National Museum of Malta in the 1960’s and an active researcher ever since.
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“Malta: Phoenician, Punic and Roman” by Anthony Bonanno.
Midsea Books, 2005 (paperback), 359 pages, ISBN 978-9993270350
The second book in the series picks up where David Trump leaves off, and takes us up to late antiquity. Professor Bonanno is Head of Classics and Archaeology at the University of Malta, and here he brings us up-to-date with the cultural heritage of Phoenician and Roman Malta, placing the sites and achievements of the age in their historical perspective.
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“Malta: The Medieval Millennium” by Charles Dalli.
Midsea Books, 2006 (paperback), 320 pages, ISBN 978-9993271031
This third book in the series is from an acknowledged specialist in Malta’s Medieval history, and covers the centuries from the end of Roman rule to the arrival of the Knights Hospitallers in the 16th century. These centuries were full of colourful intrigue as ownership of Malta, with its capital then at Mdina, passed through various royal courts of Medieval Europe.
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“Malta: The Order of St John” by Thomas Freller.
Midsea Books, 2010 (paperback), 360 pages, ISBN 978-9993272977
This fourth book in the series gives all the background to the Order of St John, revealing the colourful figures of Knights and Grand Masters who shaped the Order’s time in Malta. There is ample description of the heritage of Valletta and the Three Cities.
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Malta Insight Heritage Guides
In this series of historical guides each booklet picks out one important site or theme from a number which characterise Malta’s heritage, from the Hypogeum to the Inquisitor’s Palace. Full list available at

Malta Archaelogical Review
A journal published by the Archaeological Society of Malta: