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Hadrian’s Wall: Research

Recommended Publications:

“Hadrian’s Wall. English Heritage Guidebook” by David Breeze.
English Heritage, 2006 (paperback), 60 pages, ISBN  978-1850749790
This attractive guidebook is a good starting point for getting to know the Wall’s main sites, and includes some basic background about its general history and function.
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“Hadrian’s Wall: History and Guide” by Guy de la Bedoyere.
Amberley Publishing, 2010 (paperback), 160 pages, ISBN 978-1848689404
This more informative guidebook by well known Romanist Guy de la Bedoyere includes all the Wall’s sites, combining site details with useful historical background and practical information.
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“Hadrian’s Wall” by David Breeze and Brian Dobson.
Penguin, 2000 (4th rev edition, paperback) 384 pages, ISBN 978-0140271829
Perhaps not the most riveting of reads, but this more detailed treatment of the Wall should satisfy the most curious of visitors.
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“Vindolanda: A Roman Frontier Fort on Hadrian’s Wall” by Robin Burley.
Amberley Publishing, 2009 (paperback), 208 pages, ISBN 978-1848682108
Vindolanda is one of the most exciting sites on Hadrian’s Wall, and this book by its principal archaeologist gives a true flavour of the site’s importance, and how the amazing discoveries there are giving us insights into the lives of the people who lived and worked on the Wall.
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“Hadrian’s Wall and its People” by Geraint Osborn.
Bristol Phoenix Press, 2006 (paperback), 132 pages, ISBN 978-1904675198
A very readable and interesting book which rounds out our appreciation of the Wall by exploring the social and economic aspects of life on and around the Wall, both for soldiers and civilians.
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