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Cyprus: Research

Recommended Publications:

“Ancient Cyprus” by Veronica Tatton-Brown.
British Museum Press, 1997 (paperback), 96 pages, ISBN: 978-0714121208
This is a concise and well illustrated survey by a former curator at the British Museum. It remains a very useful overview and introduction to  the main themes in Cypriot archaeology. Buy at Amazon.

“Ancient Cyprus in the British Museum: Essays in honour of Dr Veronica Tatton-Brown” by Thomas Kiely.
British Museum Press, 2009 (paperback), 108 pages, ISBN: 978-0861591800
This volume highlights key points of interest in the rich and varied ancient Cypriot collections of the British Museum, drawing out their significance to Cypriot archaeology and revealing a range of fascinating subjects. Buy at Amazon.

“Cyprus Before History” by Louise Steel.
Duckworth, 2004 (paperback), 192 pages, ISBN: 978-0715631645
This is a an accessible yet comprehensive and up-to-date review of archaeological research on the prehistory of Cyprus from the earliest settlers to the end of the Bronze Age. Buy at Amazon.

“A Traveller’s History of Cyprus” by Tim Boatswain.
Haus Publishing, 2011 (paperback), 304 pages, ISBN: 978-1907973086
A complete and authoritative history of the island’s past right up to recent times. An invaluable companion to any exploration of the island. Buy at Amazon.

“Early Cyprus: Crossroads of the Mediterranean” by Vassos Karageorghis.
Getty Publishing, 2002 (hardcover), 216 pages, ISBN: 978-0892366798
This beautifully illustrated volume is also a scholarly synthesis of current knowledge and theories relating to the Late Bronze Age, Geometric and Archaic periods of Cyprus (1600-480 BC). These important periods in Cyprus’s past are also placed in the wider context of the eastern Mediterranean. Buy at Amazon.

Recommended Websites:

  • Cyprus Archaeology:  A useful survey of Cypriot archaeology with links to recent projects.
  • The Ashmolean Museum: The Ashmolean Museum has been associated with the study of Cypriot archaeology since the late 19th century, and has a large, internationally important collection of archaeological material from the island.