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Hidden History Travel


Dr Simon Butler

Dr Simon Butler, owner of Hidden History Travel.

The Owner

Hidden History Travel first appeared in 1998 when Dr Simon Butler began operating tours to places of archaeological interest in Britain. At that time, it was simply an extension of his work as a professional archaeologist but it was also a wonderful combination of interests which led to a career in heritage tourism.

Fifteen years later, after leading and developing tours throughout Europe, North Africa and the Near-East, Dr Butler has gained a network of long-standing colleagues, both in travel and in archaeology, who are all now contributing to Hidden History Travel’s own unique brand of tours, lectures and publications.

Expertly guided, operated and designed.

Created and conducted by a team of experts.

The Team

Some work as agents in their respective countries and have been organising special-interest tours for many years. Others work as professional archaeologists, historians or guides with a wealth of knowledge and experience to share. To help bring it all together, Dr Butler has also teamed-up with the Travel Trust Association, who provide business support services and a network of trade partners, and who oversee all legal and financial matters. Collectively this team creates an efficient, expert-focused structure which can bring you great products at great prices.

Hidden History logoThe Vision

Our trading name, Hidden History Travel, reflects the hidden nature of the past and how travel can help us explore the meanings, mysteries and insights behind its ancient ruins, artefacts and various material remains. The fascination of archaeology is due to its hidden nature, its breadth of interest and its connection with so many areas of life; society, culture, science and environment – the list is endless.

This is why archaeological travel is so enriching. It unites culture with adventure and gives real depth of insight into the world and its peoples. An archaeological tour is part of one’s personal journey through space and time, and the interest never ends when the tour ends.

At Hidden History Travel, we want you to share this vision. There will always be new products to develop, new content to add, and new ways of conveying information. We want to remain dynamic so please stay with Hidden History as we develop, and keep us informed of what you think.

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