Travel & Archaeology

What to expect

A Great Holiday and a Worthwhile Experience

Leisure with Enrichment

Our holidays are a satisfying balance of leisure and enrichment, designed to suit most people’s level of interest. They include a host of fully guided excursions and interesting talks, alongside luxurious hotels and time to relax and simply enjoy yourself.

This is our hallmark. Realistically-paced and reasonably-priced, our tours are not rushed or exhausting, just informed and enjoyable – ‘seeing it all’ balanced with time to relax and absorb it all.

Quality & Price

We are aware that tour operators tend to polarise into expensive, exclusive specialists on the one hand, and somewhat uninspiring, mass market operators on the other. We sit comfortably in the middle with our own unique blend of high quality and reasonable prices. Our emphasis is on the nature of the experience and appropriate value for money. Prices include a lot without being too ‘packaged’, so you enjoy some freedom of choice alongside a well-arranged itinerary.

Each itinerary is unique but always includes: high standard hotel accommodation with breakfast, a full programme of excursions with transport, entrances and guiding, a knowledgeable tour director, and all airport and hotel transfers abroad. We often also include a number of evening meals or lunches, as well as interesting lectures and sociable meetings. And, for peace of mind, you have the security and authority of the Travel Trust Association should anything go wrong.

Flight Flexibility

As part of our more personal service, one of the great advantages we offer is more freedom in your travel arrangements. By adding flights on a personal basis rather than included from the start, you can decide when or how you want to travel, which airport to fly from, and the airline, flight times and prices that suit you best. We will be happy to help with flight options, bookings and extended stays or you can book your own if you prefer. All flights booked through us are fully ATOL protected.

Discovery & Inclusion

We have a passion for archaeology and travel, and we want to share our sense of discovery with you. Our guides and speakers are not only knowledgeable and experienced professionals but also the most friendly and open of people. They are skilled in bringing a subject to life, not too intense nor too superficial, but just enough to make everyone feel comfortably included and enlightened.

We keep our group sizes quite small, usually 15-20 people, because this improves communication and inclusion, and is sociable without feeling herded, rushed or mass-marketed. It also gives us more freedom and flexibility and allows us to get off the beaten track a little to discover those hidden gems that make all the difference.

Engagement with People & Place

Archaeology and history provide real depth of insight into a destination, and connect not only with a place and its people but also with wider aspects of culture and humanity. This helps us appreciate the significance, specialness and authenticity of places, and gets us off the beaten track to enrich not only ourselves but also the local economy. Our carefully thought-out itineraries give time and attention to this engagement – be it a small lunch taverna, a local market, or an unusual, lesser-known place of interest.

Informed Browsing

Hidden History’s unique content-based approach enables you to research places and ideas as you go. Use our country profiles for destination overviews, and our recommended reading for useful literature and resources. This helps give context to your decision-making, so you can book with confidence and even pick up some relevant reading for the trip (not compulsory, of course).

Financial Protection

Hidden History Travel is a member of the Travel Trust Association. This association exists in order to protect you, the customer, with 100% financial protection, and has been doing so for over fifteen years. Simply put, it is the strongest consumer financial protection in the travel industry today. Click here for further details.