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Hidden History’s Tours

Archaeology, history, landscape and culture in beautiful locations with great hotels.

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Hidden History Archaeology Tour Ancient Greece

Greece: cradle of civilisation

Glories of Greece.

A wealth of iconic archaeological sites in fabulous locations, combined with the Mediterranean pleasures of Greece. Our itinerary has been honed through years of experience to create a highly engaging yet nicely paced tour; an informal yet fascinating exploration of the foundations of western civilisation.
Ten days from only £1545.
Departs 08 May 2018 and 18 September 2018.
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The wonders of Santorini and Crete

Minoan Crete and Santorini.

Stunning landscapes and superb archaeology create an unforgettable experience. Our itinerary is perfectly designed to explore Minoan archaeology’s fascinating array of Bronze Age sites, artistic wealth and deep-rooted mythology.
Nine days from only £1295.
Departs 21 September 2017.
17 May 2018 and 20 September 2018.
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Kyrenia Castle, North Cyprus

Cyprus: a rich and significant past

Aphrodite’s Cyprus: North & South.

The charms of Cyprus have attracted people for more than 9000 years, and Cypriot archaeology is correspondingly rich and significant. Uniquely, our two-centred tour stays in both north and south Cyprus at 4-star hotels in Kyrenia and Limassol.
Eight days from only £1345.
Departs 21 March 2018 and 17 October 2018.
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Hidden History Archaeology Tour Malta

Malta’s important heritage

Malta Through Millennia.

There is a surprisingly deep heritage to the tiny Mediterranean island of Malta. Our itinerary reveals its important World Heritage sites, from Stone Age temples to the Knights of St. John; a varied past spanning more than 5000 years.
Eight days from only £1255.
Departs 08 April 2018 and 09 October 2018.
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Sicily Archaeology tour

Superb sites in a fertile land.

Sicilian Civilisations.

A wealth of ancient and historic treasures awaits you in an enchanting land of sun-drenched vineyards and sparkling clear seas. A succession of civilisations has left a dazzling, cosmopolitan heritage with some of the finest art and architecture in the entire Mediterranean.
Twelve days from only £1745.
Departs 25 September 2017.
16 April 2018 and 01 October 2018.
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Pompeii Forum

Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius

Pompeii and the Bay of Naples.

Pompeii is one of the world’s most famous archaeological sites and part of a rich landscape of sites around the Bay of Naples. Our new itinerary has been updated to explore more of this regions’s world-class archaeology, gorgeous scenery and vibrant culture.
Eight days from only £1195.
Departs 28 April 2018, 26 May 2018 and 07 September 2018.
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England's Hidden History

England’s Hidden History

Romney Marsh: Fifth Continent.

Discover the hidden churches and lost villages of one of Britain’s most unique and intriguing regions. Based in the historic Mermaid Inn in Rye, and guided by a local resident and archaeologist, this is an especially revealing and appealing tour of a truly fascinating corner of England.
Five days for £675.
Departs 04 June and 18 June 2018.
02 July and 16 July 2018.
06 August and 20 August 2018.

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The creation of medieval England.

The creation of medieval England.

East Anglia: Origins of England.

Gain first-hand experience of excavation techniques and explore the rich lands of Suffolk and Norfolk, including Sutton Hoo and Walsingham. Follow the story of the Anglo-Saxons, Norman lordships and the creation of medieval England.
Six days from only £745.
Departs 22 July and 29 July 2018.
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