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Italy is firmly on the map of the world’s best destinations for archaeological interest. At the heart of western civilisation, travellers for centuries have admired its outstanding heritage and enjoyed its manifold charms.  The country is literally alive with its illustrious past, and overflowing with cultural and scenic experiences. Hidden History here focuses on three of the most significant regions for getting to grips with all that Italy has to offer:

ROME: Rome has shone through the centuries since its rise as the capital of the mighty Roman Empire. Its achievements continued as the centre of the Catholic church, and leader of Renaissance and Baroque culture. Today it is full of interest and a vibrant juxtaposition of old and new.

POMPEII AND CAMPANIA: The region of Campania was known to the Romans as Campania felix in recognition of its fertile soils, favourable climate and a rich inheritance from colonisation by ancient Greeks. The eruption of Mount Vesuvius in 79 AD also turned it into fertile ground for archaeologists, creating the world’s most vivid snapshot of life and society in Roman times. Today its Classical heritage mixes chaotically with an equally fascinating Neapolitan character and charm.

SICILY: Sicily possesses a unique and colourful blend of Mediterranean cultures, traditions and styles, shaped by its central Mediterranean location at the crossroads of European and African civilisations.



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