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Our Ethos

Leisure with Enrichment

A Great Holiday and a Worthwhile Experience

At Hidden History Travel, we believe that archaeology, history, landscape and culture combine to create wonderful and worthwhile experiences. We also believe that travel should be a balance of leisure and enrichment – ‘seeing it all’ has to be balanced with time to absorb it all, and to relax and enjoy yourself.

This is our hallmark – a satisfying blend of interest and leisure, realistically-paced and reasonably-priced.

Leisure with Enrichment

All Hidden History’s tours include a host of fully guided excursions and interesting talks to create an enriching travel experience. They also include some luxury and leisure by choosing great hotels and keeping itineraries nicely relaxed and varied, with opportunities to enjoy it in your own way.

Quality & Price

The emphasis is on the nature of the experience, reliable organisation, and good value for money. We are aware that tour operators tend to polarise into expensive, exclusive specialists on the one hand, and rather uninspiring, mass market operators on the other. We sit comfortably in the middle, offering something of both; dedicated and informed but affordable and accessible. High standards without high prices.

Discovery and Inclusion

We have a passion for archaeology and travel, and we want to share our sense of discovery with you. Our guides and speakers are knowledgeable and experienced professionals and the most friendly and open of people. Their skill is in bringing the subject to life, not too intense nor too superficial, but at a level where everyone feels comfortable, included and enlightened.

Engagement with People & Place

Archaeology and history provide real depth of insight into a destination and connect not only with that place and its people but also with wider aspects of culture and humanity. This helps us appreciate the significance, specialness and authenticity of places and gets us off the beaten track to enrich not only ourselves but also the local economy.

What our customers say

An excellent and very enjoyable tour, covering a wide span of Malta’s history with an emphasis on the archaeological sites.

Hidden Historian,
Malta’s Millennia, 2016

We went on three short UK tours this year and undoubtedly enjoyed this one the best.

Hidden Historian,
Romney Marsh, 2016

Having been touring archaeological sites in many parts of the world for +50 years, I can honestly say that your 2016 Cyprus tour was outstanding in my experience.

Hidden Historian,
Aphrodite’s Cyprus, 2016.

We combine travel, archaeology, history and culture to create wonderful holidays and worthwhile experiences.