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Speakers & Tour Lecturers

Whether you are travelling with us or not, Hidden History has a growing team of tour lecturers and speakers who are keen to share their knowledge and enthusiasm for archaeology and travel. They talk regularly to tour groups, societies, colleges and cruises, and their talks can be tailored to specific interests, itineraries or curricula.

We provide talks to any type of organisation, from history societies to sports clubs and professional associations, and we have an expanding geographic scope across England. Our talks can also stimulate interest in private group tours, and are great for pre-tour introductions and get-togethers.

If you would like to book or enquire about an interesting talk or tour for your organisation, please contact us or call on 0121 444 1854.

Our Lecturers


Dr Simon Butler

Simon’s career began in field archaeology and academic research, and then expanded into heritage tourism. He is now the director of Hidden History Travel. His talks always convey the enrichment and stimulation of archaeology and travel, drawing on his decades of tour research across Europe, the Mediterranean, and the Near East. He will be happy to help you choose a lecture subject. Based in Birmingham.


Sally Watson

Sally studied archaeology at both Athens and Bristol Universities. She lived in Greece for some years and has taken part in many excavations, including the Minoan port on Santorini, and underwater excavations off Crete. She is a lively speaker who loves to engage the audience. Archaeology is not an exact science and the evidence is often open to interpretation, so she will invite you to explore your own ideas. Based in Bristol.


Dr Barbara Brayshay

Barbara completed her studies with a doctorate in environmental archaeology from the University of Sheffield. Her research interests now extend across prehistoric Europe and the use of geographical information systems and digital mapping for exploring our past and present worlds. Her work is very community oriented and she enjoys engaging with people to make her research relevant to all. Based in Manchester and London.


Dr Christopher Cole

Chris holds a Master’s degree from the University of Cambridge and a PhD from the University of York. He specialises in the study of human remains, and currently works for Wessex Archaeology and the Canterbury Archaeological Trust. As well as leading archaeology tours to Mediterranean destinations, Chris has particularly strong research interests in his home area of Romney Marsh on the south coast of England, where he conducts our ‘Fifth continent’ tour.


Dr Martin Locker

Martin’s research interests have focused on medieval pilgrimage, culminating in a PhD from University College London and a growing list of publications and lectures. His knowledge of the medieval world is particularly valued on our East Anglia tour, but Martin has over a decade of experience on a range of excavations and projects. His latest research is focusing on the history and culture of the Pyrenees, where he is currently based, and we are looking forward to new opportunities with him here.


Simona Falanga

Simona is an archaeologist with a background in education and tourism management. Born in Sicily, she has lived in several countries across Europe and completed her postgraduate education at St Chad’s College, Durham University. She continues to work in field archaeology, specialising in animal remains and researching into ritual and religious practices in antiquity. As a native Sicilian, Simona is in charge of our Sicily programme and is also developing interesting new content for our website and online activity.